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Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro

Looking for a SmartVestor Pro?

Congratulations on taking control of your financial future! Whether you have just recently become familiar with Dave Ramsey through his podcasts or you have gone through Financial Peace University and read The Total Money Makeover, Dave's simple approach to teaching you how to navigate the financial obstacles in life are a valuable resource. By choosing to connect with professionals who share Daves philosophy through his SmartVestor Pro program you are connecting with Financial Advisors who are independent and share his passion to help you get control of your finances.

Christopher Tool and the team at Advantage Investment Services LLC are here to assist you is your journey to pursue your goals and create wealth using Daves principles. We are prepared with a heart of a teacher to answer your questions about investing, financial planning as well as offer full transparency regarding how advisors charge and whether a fee base or commission approach is right for your investment needs. 


  • SmartVestor Pros are dedicated to their clients and committed to educate and help you achieve your investing goals.
  • SmartVestor Pros take a long term approach and embrace Dave Ramsey principles of saving and investing.
  • SmartVestor Pros work through independent firms and as a result have access to a wide range of investments and providers which are suggested on a case by case basis to serve your investment needs.
  • SmartVestor Pros are responsive to their clients and strive to maintain the highest level of client service.

We invite you to schedule a consultation and allow us to answer your questions!